Under a New York Skyline

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Under a New York Skyline!

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Romance in New York has never been so loud with hip hop, so frenzied with Comic Con fans, or so alluring with teen pop sensations.

Release date is April 15.

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Kathi picAuthor of eight novels with Covenant Books, Kathi Oram Peterson is our
most  seasoned contributor. She’s a master storyteller who has lent her craft to suspense, romance, teen time-travels, and inspirational stories. NEW YORK HOLIDAY adds a touch of threat to Glorianna’s innocent wish to meet a rock star. With more than one dark figure watching her moves backstage, she must navigate the perils of the city and her heart.

maureenMaureen L. Mill’s debut novel is a rollicking and romantic escape into a steampunk universe. If you know genre, you’re already a fan, so here’s a link. You’re welcome. IF WE SHADOWS detours from the world of the corsets and airships, landing in the American Museum of Natural History taken over by Fae and haunted with ghosts and cute boys capable of navigating New York’s subway system.

teresa-6-1Factoid about Teresa Richards: she and I were roommates in college. When Evernight Teen released her teen fairytale retelleing, we got together and screamed, “You’re doing this writing thing? I’m doing this writing thing!” With YOU, ME AND COMIC CON, she dives into the nerd we hide inside. Avery is too hardcore for anything but skateboard competitions. She’d never team up with a 17-year-old dressed as a superhero, let alone go on stage with him.


Me! I’m a contributor! I talk (and type) so much, you need no introduction. CROSSTRAIN MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE pits hip hop instructor Lina’s struggling dance studio against cocky teen boys from The CrossTrain Gym next door. With this kind of pride on the line, only a reality television show can decipher who’s best.