Shatter World

So what’s it like writing a book featuring a Hispanic, male, poverty-stricken gang member? Well, as a white, female, middle-class Mormon, I’ll tell you that it involves lots of life experiences and some research.

One of my favorite things to do as an author is to fairly represent¬†opposing views, so when my main character was so much like me, I choose a very different kind of character to resist, challenge and eventually teach her. I’ve blogged about some of my experiences writing about a character so unlike me. A few of these posts are¬†award-winning articles from League of Utah Writer’s nonfiction contests.

The Mormon, the Lesbian Couple and the Scrawny Attorney

Diversity quote

Mormons and Gays and Diversity, Oh My

depression era

Only One You: How to Write with Diversity

You can also check out some of the books and documentaries I dug into.

power in union

monster book