My Books

My first novel-length work is coming out in May! For sneak peaks and giveaways, please sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar. if you are local to the Salt Lake City area, you’ll also get an invitation to the book launch featuring an Author VS Reader Dance Off.


An explosion in the middle of a peach orchard kills Salem’s sister during a labor strike, and police call it an accident. Salem wants to prove her sister was murdered for supporting the union—despite being the daughter of a grower.

Her biggest clue is knowing her sister hired a cunning gang banger named Cordero to protect union workers. The fellow Verona High student is signed up to put a JKF conspiracy on mock trial, alongside Salem, but refuses to share what he knows. The more secrets Salem discovers other mock trial participants have regarding her sister’s death, the fewer people she can trust in unraveling the real-life conspiracy.

Also coming up is a collection a four romance novellas by Teresa Richards, Maureen Mills Kathi Oram Peterson and me. This collection will be released April 15 by Teenacity Books. The cover-reveal for UNDER A NEW YORK SKYLINE will be in March. Sign up for the newsletter for announcements on this!

While you’re waiting for these releases, you can dig into a few short stories right now.

It ... from Salt Lake book coverFor those of you who love a good scare, check out It Came from the Great Salt Lake. Prissy is shopping for her first boyfriend when a potential love-at-first-sight moment with her greatest prospect is interrupted by a zombie. PRISSY, THE ZOMBIE, AND FREDERIC FEKKAI HAIR GEL FOR MEN is comedic horror at its best.

The gruff variationsA GIFT FREELY OFFERED, (sneak-peak here) is featured alongside Shannon Hale and Rick Walton in the Writing for Charity anthology. It’s a fairy-godmother-filled tale that follows a dark enchantress and the innocent sixteen-year-old fairy she magically controls.  Little does the enchantress know how crafty innocence can be.  All proceeds go to children.