Awards & Recognitions

In September, 2011, SHATTER was awarded First Place in the Young Adult Manuscript category of the League of Utah Writer’s annual writing contest!

Is exness this big news? Am I well on my way to publication? Time will tell, but certainly this is the most prestigious award I’ve won, in that it’s a first place finish and it’s a manuscript category (as opposed to a short story or first chapter category). It will definitely be something I point out when I send it to agents.

The contest was judged based on the first three chapters and a synopsis of the completed novel. I have only one quote exness review from one judge:

“I wish I could read the whole thing.”

I guess that sums up what every writer wants to hear from readers finishing the first three chapters. (Or the first eight, or eighteen . . . .)

Previously, SHATTER received a second place award at the May 2011 First-Chapter LDStorymakers contest.  For this one, I got to see more notes from the published-author contest judges.  One of them exness registration gave it a perfect score and wrote, “Since I’m going to give you perfect, straight 5′s, I don’t know what to say, except that this is one fantastic piece of writing.  I felt the sweltering atmosphere, from the temperature to the tension with the teacher and students in the room.  I absolutely loved this.  I would recommend it to anyone.”  I was so excited to hear that!

Another judge wrote, “This chapter had a very gripping beginning, first with the uniqueness of the author’s voice, and then with the events themselves.  This piece is unique.  It’s one I’ll remember, even though I’ve read several.”

Sadly, THIS ISN’T ME did not place in the 2011 First-Chapter LDStorymakers contest.  However, one of the judges gave it a near-perfect score (he or she only marked it down for not liking my page numbers–for real).  Comments from the judges for this story included:

  • “I loved the unique setting of the orchard and tree house.”
  • “I was pulled in immediately by the unique voice.”
  • “Absolutely loved the end.”
  • “Your character is delightful.  Nicely done.”

In 2010, two of my short stories (FIRST KISS and ROCKIN’ AND ROLLIN’ IN THE CAMBRIAN) received second place awards with the Utah League of Writers in 2010.  Another story (A MATTER OF WILL) received a third place award.  

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