Awards & Recognitions

SHATTER won grand prize for all categories of the LDStorymaker’s First Chapter Contest IN 2013.  Yay!!  I wrote a blog post on the experience here. The same story also won First Place in the Young Adult Manuscript category of the League of Utah Writer’s contest and landed me a publishing contract with Cedar Fort <—– That is the happiest sentence ever.

I loved some of the comments I got back.  One judge gave SHATTER a perfect score and wrote,

“Since I’m going to give you perfect, straight 5’s, I don’t know what to say, except that this is one fantastic piece of writing.  I felt the sweltering atmosphere, from the temperature to the tension with the teacher and students in the room.  I absolutely loved this.  I would recommend it to anyone.”

Another judge wrote,

“This chapter had a very gripping beginning, first with the uniqueness of the author’s voice, and then with the events themselves.  This piece is unique.  It’s one I’ll remember. . . .

Thanks, judges! SHATTER releases May 9, 2017. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get news on events related to SHATTER, to get free short stories that get you excited to read my work, and to have a chance to win awesome books.

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