About Me

As a California girl, I bought snow boots when I went off to college at Brigham Young University because I had no idea what a plow was. I thought I’d be cutting my own path.

After I started teaching science, my husband and I found ourselves without kids for years. I was so worried I’d never be a mom that I took a writing class to “find something to do.” Proving its sense of humor, life sent me five children over the next eight years. I kept writing because my critique group doled out hilarious commentary on our favorite TV shows. Now I publish with Cedar Fort Inc.

My hip, smart-sleuthing teen murder mystery, SHATTER, won grand prize in Storymakers Conference’ First Chapter Contest and 1st Place in League of Utah Writers‘ YA manuscript category.

I also write romantic contemporary stories. UNDER A NEW YORK SKYLINE features four of the hippest, sweetest teen romance novellas evah! When it comes to clean romance for the high school student in us all, I say bring on the funny and the kisses. As a former 8th grade science teacher, I know the awkward teenager in us all just wants to be loved. Admit it!

Alongside Heather Clark, I host free writing webinars on YouTube at #50FirstChapters. We’ve got a few thousand views over on Youtube and love teaching as much as we love writing (almost). I’m also the public relations director of the Storymakers Conference. Other notable stuff includes an honorable mention in Writers of the Future and a spot in Utah Horror Writer’s short-story anthology. This all sounds really serious, but if you run into me, I get down. Truly.