Win Shatter Swag

If you’ve read Shatter, have you reviewed it? Just tell me in the comments where you reviewed it (Goodreads or Amazon) and say what you’d rather win, a Shatter hat, a poster of the cover of Shatter or a physical copy of the book.

Everyone who leaves a review will be entered and three people will win in July. You choose your prize. Why reward fans who leave a review? Bc as a debut author with no previous sales record, the #1 thing that drives Amazon sales is reviews. Thank you forever!!

Note: I love getting 5 star reviews, but I also love that people love all different kinds of books. That’s totally fine. All honest, positive reviews make my day. If your review is left anonymously, I’ll never know which review is yours. I won’t even really know you’ve reviewed, but I’ll just trust you. And if Shatter just wasn’t your thing, simply don’t post anything and that’s fine too. (Authors don’t love 1 star reviews, especially from friends, lol) No matter what, thank you for taking a chance on my book!

Note 2: I have some teens in my neighborhood with a serious eye on those hats. I have 8 left. So they will be given a way to enter, too, even if they don’t have an Amazon account. If you have a teen in that situation, just yell. We’ll think of something.

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