Crowd-Sourced Book Trailer

Come to my Facebook Launch Party &
Be in a Book Trailer!

That’s right. I’m making a crowd-sourced book trailer in one hour. Be in it! Basically I’m issuing humorous challenges, collecting short videos and stitching the footage together for a short trailer about my story. This whole thing is going down Monday April 17. Come get in the trailer or get your kids in. The event is in the comments. Just sign up to participate. Please! Just one video from you. It’ll be awesome.

Here’s an example challenge, performed by my kiddos. (My novella in the collection is about a dancer locked in a fitness challenge with a CrossFitter guy.)

Challenge: Elaborately warm up the way you think an intense Crossfitter would and start a race.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can do this with me. You rock. I’ll “release” the video with all your ugly mugs

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