#50FirstChapters Session 12

You’re here for #50FirstChapter updates, but have you seen my latest news? The new book UNDER A NEW YORK SKYLINE is coming your way April 15!


Time for a new session of #50FirstChapters–Make Yours Stand Out! As usual, we will raffle off a free first chapter critique to anyone both 1) signed up for thenewsletter and 2) present as we air. Just chat us once we’re live. We’ll remind you.

Here is the handout for this session!

Oh, oh! I have to brag about all our previous viewers! At least four people on our webinar email list placed in the LDStorymakers First Chapter Contest last year!! (If you placed and I don’t mention you it’s because I don’t know your name based on your email, not because I don’t love you.) They are: 
Nichole Hunt Eck
Jessica Springer Guernsey
Paige Edwards
Rebecca Charlton McCulloch
(I didn’t check for 2015, but I know Allison Merrill placed. Probably others)

Round of applause!!!

It turns out that one out of every seven 2016 winners viewed our webinars. Not bad! Let’s not overthink this, though. Those winners placed in the chapter contest because THEY are awesome, not because our webinars are awesome.  In fact, those winners probably took education from every source they could, and happened to land on our free webinar. Because, hey, free. But hey. You could think like them. You could take education from every source you can, including our free webinar. Because, hey, free. Plus, hey–maybe you’ll win, too!

Session 12 will cover 1) motivation-reaction units as they relate to showing, 2) accessing emotion in readers with naming the emotion, and 3) tips to prevent the pursuit of a voicey-voice from getting in the way of beautifully using words and images. The handout will be up next week. See you soon!

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