I’ve Signed a Publication Contract!


It’s happened! It’s big! It’s four years in the making!

I have signed

a publication contract! 


I know. I took too many pictures. I took like 35.

Oh, there’s a video below, in case you want that, too.

Is there a firm title for this book? No. Do we at least have a cover? Nope! Nor a firm decision on how the how the jacket-cover will read or when the novel will for-certain launch.

Don’t worry. Info on nitty-gritties will trickle in like dawn’s light, leaving my publication future bright and navigable! I will keep you posted on details over social media. One thing to keep in mind is that I will have a carnival-styled launch party geared toward teen in the Salt Lake area of Utah. Plan on dance-offs, art-contests, and prizes like gift-certificates to South Towne Center Mall and signed books by your favorite authors.

Make sure to get your invitation! It’ll come right to your inbox when you add yourself to the newsletter to the right. —–> Updates will come only for parties, new launches, and in-person signing events.

I couldn’t be more excited to get my start at Cedar Fort. This publishing house gives me something in common with Jolene Parry, James Dashner, Carla Kelly, E.B. Wheeler and more.

The novel about to be published is my absolute favorite. It doesn’t hurt that it advertises best, too, being the grand prize winner for the LDStorymakers First Chapter Contest and first prize winner in the League of Utah Writer’s manuscript category.  The working title is Shatter. The real title will be chosen in partnership with Cedar Fort. Giving up any–ANY–control of this story is hard, but I plan to be a professional and only have screaming fits of anxiety behind locked doors. No, really. I can do it. I can lock the doors first.

My family and friends have been so patient while I wait (and wait and wait) for this announcement. I consider this moment to be a dream-come-true. So, yes. I’m excited. But more than that, I’m happy to do what I like best and that’s write.

Fans, look out for more titles coming soon!

Fellow writers, a small note: I want to let myself be all-the-way excited for this step in my journey while staying all-the-way sensitive to the suck–the suckitty, suck, suck–of rejection and waiting that writers find ourselves in sometimes. I really, truly appreciate your million tips and shared emotions. I have no plans to leave anyone “behind,” rather hope to rise with good tides from all of you. Loves and hugs.

And here it is. The video of. “The moment:”







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6 Responses to I’ve Signed a Publication Contract!

  1. Eric Gifford says:

    Woo hoo!! Way to go Nikki! We’ll busy so many copies that we’ll have to use them to line the walls of our barn out back!

    • Eric Gifford says:

      Also, I love that the photo shoot included a wardrobe change.

      • Nikki Trionfo says:

        Okay, can I please explain this? So, I needed to look professional. So, I got out the white button-up with the black as an undershirt, but it was freaking hot and then I forgot to put it back on, okay? The whole thing was just . . . like way normal. 😉

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Very happy for you. Hard work and perseverance. It’s a blessing to have watched a little of it from afar.

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