Partying It Up at #LTUE

Thursday at 7 pm I celebrated becoming a paid fiction-writer for the first time ever at the Life, The Universe and Everything conference in Provo, Utah, and, bam! By  8pm, my name was turned into a hashtag.

Rachel H and meI was joking about the fame part. But! We had so much fun! This is Rachel, signing up to win the raffle for a . . .

. . . Free Copy of IT CAME FROM THE GREAT SALT LAKE . . .

. . . the results of which will be announced below! But first, we need to report on the poll! One way to enter the raffle was to answer the question of how I should properly celebrate the future proceeds I will earn as a fiction writer. The options were:

  1. Bronze my copy of the anthology for display on my mantle,
  2. Freeze-dry it in prep for its accompanying me into the coffin at my death, or
  3. Use my hair- and make-up-prowess to impersonate the horror lady on the cover during the horror workshop serving as a launch party.

I had 57 votes. The grand winner of the poll, with a whopping 33 votes via the website and Facebook, was

Option 3: Dress like the Horror Lady!

So now you want to see pictures, I assume.

imageIMG_7450IMG_7451IMG_7449 (1)

Dressing up was so fun! But you didn’t have to take a picture with me in it to enter to win a copy. Some people tweeted about the launch party and others took a pic of the cover only.



And now. The. Moment.

Our winner is Rachel Huffmire!

What?! What are the odds of that? imageHer post is featured in my blog. Well, it was the final entry because she hashtagged differently (and so much more awesomely) than others did. To prove I’m telling the truth, here is a screen shot of the random number generator. 27 people followed the rules and were officially entered, fyi. Rachel is entry 27. Rachel is great.

And that is all, folks. To thank you for celebrating with me, I’ll end with fun shots from #LTUE. Thank you to all of the panalists and event-planners. And to all of the people who were nice to me when I was all dressed up. Especially all of my friends, new and old. Dressing like a total freak makes you look like a total freak and they still hung out with me.

IMG_7460 IMG_7465


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