Storymakers’ Scavenger Hunt

dancingLDStorymakers’ Conference attendees:

You are invited to . . .




. . . The Hunt.

These instructions will be posted in several locations during the conference, but hey, let’s find any errors in logic or communication glitches now, before I confuse 648 people, yeah?  Leave suggestions in the comments.  You rock! I’m so excited!

Scavenger Hunt Instructions:

  • Get into The Hunt. Do one of the following by Friday afternoon:
    • Toss 10 of your own business cards into the Drop Off Jar, located at the After Party and at the book store thereafter.


    • Write your own name and twitter/FB/email info 10 times on 10 separate blank cards and toss them into the Drop Off Jar.
  • (Note: A few of us will make cards for VIP’s like editors.)
  • Prep for The Hunt. During Friday’s lunch, grab 10 names (not your own) from a Pick Up Jar or from a Pick Up Paper Bag—there will be dozens. A permanent Pick-Up Jar will be in the book store.
  • Start The Hunt. Scavenge by getting your cards signed by the card’s namesake.  Find each other by tweeting with #smsh (storymakers scavenger hunt) or using email or Facebook. (Please use LDStorymakers’ page ONLY for questions). BE SURE TO EXCHANGE BUSINESS CARDS with new friends, separate from the game cards, to keep in touch after the conference!
  • Expand The Hunt. AFTER you get all 10 cards signed, keep them.  Go to the bookstore, toss 10 of your own new business cards (or handmade cards) into the Drop-Off Jar, pull 10 new names from the Pick-Up Jar, and keep playing.
  • End The Hunt. When time is called during Saturday’s lunch, do one of the following:
    • For a chance at fabulous prizes, WRITE YOUR OWN NAME on completed cards, toss them into a Raffle Basket, located in the lunch room and book store. The FINDERS of the drawn cards are the lucky recipients of the prizes.


    • Feeling triumphant? You have a few hours to get to the white board in the book store, write your score, and take photos of your signed cards (can be done in bulk—just keep it legible) before WRITING YOUR OWN NAME on them and tossing them into a Raffle Basket. Grand Winner must prove his or her claim by producing photos of all signed cards.

A Few General Notes

*Totally confused?  Use #smshhelp for real-time tech support or go to the bookstore! Volunteers will be available to answer questions during peak times.

*Honesty rocks.  Whoever networks authentically is the real winner. Remember to put your best social (but also professional) foot forward by giving reasonable effort to following the rules! NO TOSSING CARDS INTO THE RAFFLE BASKET UNLESS THOSE CARDS WERE “PLAYED.”

*The scavenger hunt is a sideline game and is not intended to keep people away from classes.  All communication, including the announcing of winners, will be done online.  The hosts will post messages to the LDStorymakers’ Facebook page and will tweet using the hashtag #smsh and #smshhelp, which you can search at any time.

*When in doubt, network, get social and have fun!

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