The Writing-Parenting Lifestyle

IMG_0539Got a teaser for you today of a post I’ve got on Spencer Ellsworth’s The Writing Parenting Lifestyle blog:

So I’m a writer and a mom. (Of five.) (Yes, five.  That’s my son in the picture).

Parenting and writing isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, like those three percent body fat people.

Most of the time I’m not super-momming it,“doing it all.”  I mostly fall into writing the way other people fall into overeating. Or narcoleptics who wake up before they know they’re asleep.  What, did I sit down at the computer again? Wait, did my 4yo just ask if he could use a steak knife to open the battery pack of his Ninja Turtle walkie-talkie? Holy crap, did I just say yes?!

To read more about my Tourette-like writing habits please click here.

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