Beyond the Rising Tide–A Voice to Love

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That’s the sigh of reading a book and trusting the author’s voice to transport me far, far away. Plus, my feelings about this post can be summed up by the following:

I love highlighting new books!

Sarah Beard is the author of YA novels Porcelain Keys and Beyond the Rising Tide and a personal friend of mine. I missed the window on featuring her newest release because I was on vacation during the blog tour, but does that mean I can’t tell my friends about it? Of course not!

Beautiful Story, Beautiful Cover

I remember when Sarah rejected her publisher’s first two tries on making a cover for Porcelain Keys in favor of designing her own–and then totally blew it out of the water. Rarely are authors able to convey in art the tone of their world, no matter how beautiful and vivid the prose. Sarah is the exception! I love her covers.

Book Summary

Kai was seventeen when he died saving Avery’s life, though he didn’t really have much to live for. After spending half his life being shipped around to different families, the only place he felt at home was on a street corner with his guitar. Now, it’s been six months since his death. Six months adapting to a new kind of existence where instead of making music, he uses his new healing powers to save lives. But in his off hours, he watches helplessly as Avery’s life is unraveled by his death.

Avery doesn’t know that it was Kai who saved her life in the ocean, because her rescuer’s body was never found. Wracked with guilt, the ocean she once loved is now her tormentor. As her surfboards collect dust in the garage, the weight of her grief destroys her relationships and stretches her to a breaking point.

Always willing to break rules for those he loves, Kai steals a ring that temporarily gives his body substance. With limited time, he does all he can to restore her life to the way it was before his tragic death, but Kai’s half-baked plans rarely turn out the way he thinks they will.


My mind retraces the past few months, all the conversations Tyler and I have had, the words we’ve said and haven’t said, all stemming from one incident, one day. And then I’m thrown back to that afternoon, back into the ocean and the cold, roiling waves. I feel them around me, tossing me this way and that, pounding over my head like a stampede of wild horses. I feel the salt stinging my eyes and see the abyss below me in the moment I dove under to find the boy. I saw him there, motionless and suspended in the deep, just out of reach.

Just out of reach.

My face feels hot, and I can’t breathe. But I keep my panic cloaked beneath my skin. A violent earthquake rattles my insides, but I tense my muscles, holding it in, restraining it, refusing to let it show. I dig my nails into my arm, anchoring them there, anchoring me into stillness, and I focus all my attention on the present physical pain in my arm.

Kai’s hand reaches for mine. His touch stills my insides, draws out the tremors as though they’re water and he’s a sponge.

Check Out the First Pages

I’m too late to have my readers enter any of Sarah’s giveaways, but check out her first pages. As you noticed, her voice is precious and she keeps romance at the forefront of the story. Hope you enjoy it!

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The Hitchless-Pitch

Authors pitch their book orally all the time! To editors, to B&N workers who make decisions about book-signings, to school-teachers, to friends and family, to people at signings, to co-workers, and, yes, specifically to readers!

We at #50FirstChapters have noticed the stress-posts on Facebook as people contemplate getting the very thing they want: the ear of an agent or editor with the power to help a book get to market.

Fear not! There’s help! We have videos! We have a handout! We have personal experience!

We also have full confidence that pitching a book is something YOU can do, and something ALL AUTHORS do, even if many writers start out a little clumsy. 

Fine, you convinced me. I won’t cancel my pitch next week! But I’m so nervous! Now what?!?

Well, get a feel for how a pitch is done, of course! We have an overview of how to pitch plus three mock pitch-sessions for you to view. The more familiar you are with the format and the more you know what to expect, the better time you’ll have and more successful you’ll be.

Here’s a rundown of all the links:

A big thank you to Amber, Gina, and Scott! Please let them know what a great job they did by leaving a comment to them on the video.

T H E  L O W - D O W N

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